04 September 2008

Day One - The Basics, Sort of.

I love makeup.  Nothing in the world makes me feel as satisfied and happy as buying the perfect shade of blush, the right finishing powder.  When I sit at my vanity, I feel calm, and everything melts away.  I am at peace there, in the soft glow of my makeup mirror.  Here it doesn't matter what the rest of me looks like, it doesn't matter what happened at the office or how my drive home took longer than usual.

I guess that's why I started this blog.  My husband doesn't get my addiction, and few of my friends do.  I could talk about makeup all day, if I'm given the chance.  I'm trying to figure a way to worm my way into the industry, so my passion can also provide some income.  

Here's a little bit of what I plan to do with this blog. 
* Product review, product review, product review!  There's a lot of makeup out there, and if you don't know what you're looking for, it can be overwhelming!  I want to be able to help guide people to the products that will make them look their best. 
* I'm always up for product experimentation.  I'm completely open to suggestions as to products I should review for the blog (or for personal use!)
* Tutorials on how to use the products reviewed
* Pictures of products, makeup storage organization, cosmetic looks I'm pleased with

And that's just the beginning.. :)

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Xem said...

Awesome first post!