21 September 2008

a leave of absence?

I've been away for awhile, staying at someone's house and taking care of her dogs, without internet and with a lot of drama. I had a chance to go to MAC/Sephora while I was there and will have a haul blog later. I came home with several goodies (I'm counting 8 right now, but I'm sure that's a bit on the low end) and I have a package from Sephora arriving sometime next week (yay for presents to myself for my promotion!!)

Because of the recent purchases, there will be some comparisons in the next few days. I plan to review eye creams and eyelash curlers and eyeliners...lots of eye stuff! I'm continuing my search for the perfect eyes, and there were a lot of great samples to choose from on Sephora's website. I even got to use my Beauty Insider points to get a sample that wasn't in the stores, so I'm really excited about that.

There's another trip to MAC in my future..I have enough (I think) for a Back 2 MAC exchange and I'm excited about that. As soon as I find my camera there will be hauls + tutorial + reviews.

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