05 September 2008

Review - Philosophy 'Hope in a Tube'

I absolutely adore the Philosophy skincare line.  I use Purity on a daily basis, and I'm slowly working my way to only using that brand for moisturizers, facial soaps, etc.  I ran out of my eye cream today, so I was thrilled about the trip to Sephora to buy Philosophy's 'Hope in a Tube.'  

About a year ago I purchased L'Oreal's 'Age Perfect Eye Cream.'  I liked it - it glided on my skin easily, made my eyes look brighter, and lessened the severity of my under-eye circles.  It lasted forever, considering I only paid $15.99 for .5 ounces  I was happy with it, but I wanted to try something new.  For the price it wasn't bad.  What I liked about it was it firmed up my upper lids.  The skin was starting to move a bit when I put on  my eyeshadows, so I was happy it helped with this.

I washed my face about 20 minutes ago, eager to try 'Hope in a Tube.'  I didn't have to force myself to buy it, but the hefty $33.00 price tag for .5 ouncces almost made me consider buying something else. Before I bought it, I tested it on the back of my hand, and noticed the texture was a bit different than the L'Oreal cream.  It didn't seem quite as smooth.  I brought the tube home (along with a clearanced travel makeup bag and half-priced eyeshadow) and tried it out.

My first reaction was that the cream didn't smooth nearly as well over my lid as the L'Oreal cream did.  I feel like I had to use more than I would have with my previous cream.   I like that, half an hour later, it's still tacky on my eyelids.  I think that if I didn't have time (or forgot) to wear an eyeshadow base, the eye cream would work just as well.  My right eye itched, but I don't know if it's because I got the cream in there, or soap, or eyemakeup remover.  My eyes also burned, but it could have been from the same things.  I plan to re-review this in a few weeks to see if I still like it, if I notice any improvements or changes, and my all around impression

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